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Why choose MGS?

MGS has been successful in providing the best total solutions for our customers throughout the past five decades. Every MGS project starts with a conversation to understand your challenges, goals, and specific industry. After these are established, we are able to provide risk reduction with 50 years of engineering based experience, up-to-date industry knowledge, and regulation expertise. MGS uses solid control systems, offers functional expertise, and the opportunity to align with a fiscally sound partner. In addition, MGS is a planning company that provides quality products. The result: products and services created specifically for you!

Why MGS?

If it's experience you are looking for, MGS, Inc. has a 50-year track record of creating trailer solutions for businesses all over the world. Simply put, we create products that move equipment efficiently and safely. When you choose MGS, you choose a partner with a singular focus on delivering a product that truly accomplishes your goals.

We Plan & We Control

MGS utilizes a robust Enterprise Resources & Planning (ERP) system to run our business efficiently, maximize productivity and minimize waste throughout every MGS department. Operating this system is a team of dedicated production managers with the know-how to get the job done the right way. At MGS, we take a serious approach to building solutions!

Planning Components

  • Corporate overview
  • Multi-period strategic plan
  • Annual forecast and budget
  • Annual goals
  • Management structure

Control Components

  • Quality Management System
  • ERP
  • Pro E/Intralink
  • Project Management

Business Continuity Planning

To safeguard the interests of our key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value creating activities from the serious consequences of incidents and business disruption, MGS has developed strategic and tactical Business Continuity Management plans. Business continuity management plans involve managing the recovery or continuation of business activities and management of the overall program through training and audits, to ensure that the business continuity plan(s) stay current.

Manufacturing Capabilities

MGS Manufacturing success is based on a team of individuals dedicated to the strategic vision of providing flexible manufacturing capabilities. In addition to our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver, PA, we also have regional facilities in Barnesville, GA and Fort Collins, CO to help us better serve our national and regional customers.

Our skilled manufacturing personnel is made up of professionally trained management team (Penn State University), technically experienced and trained manufacturing engineers, professional procurement and materials staff, fabricators, AWS certified welders, along with MGS certified painters & assemblers.

The Manufacturing Engineer Department is responsible for many important tasks such as technology transfer to regional locations, manufacturing process performance assessment, methods development, and development and control of process plans.

Manufacturing planning tools include: EPICOR (ERP), ISO 9001 QMS, FMEA, PPAP and project management tools.

Our MGS Manufacturing Core Competencies include:


  • Strategic partnerships with critical suppliers
  • Regional representation on site
  • First article inspections


  • Full on-site capabilities to shear, burn, punch, drill, saw and bend
  • Laser cutting and machining availability
  • CNC equipment


  • 45+ welders
  • AWS certified
  • Steel and aluminum capability

Preparation & Paint

  • Pre-treatment
  • Wet coating
  • Extensive CARC painting experience
  • Galvanizing and powder coating available
  • Three paint areas
  • Full training, testing program
  • PPG based in-house certification


  • Electric, hydraulic and air brake experience
  • Hydraulic and electric systems ability
  • Devoted product space available

Packaging & shipping

  • Logistics management
  • Full shrink wrapping and crating available
  • International packaging
  • Containerized shipping

We believe that our expertise in these areas helps to provide the best total solution for our customers and set MGS apart as one of a kind — not one of a group!

Engineering Capabilities

The MGS Engineering staff consists of eight highly qualified personnel with the skills and experience required to support our aggressive sales and manufacturing departments. The engineers of MGS have over 125 years of combined transportation experience along with exceptionally strong professional, academic, and industry accreditation. The philosophy of the engineering department embraces the MGS goals, a professional code of ethics, teamwork, matrix-organized responsibilities, personal development, and the MGS Quality System.

This level of technical sophistication, effectiveness, and efficiency is unparalleled in our industry. The end result of the MGS engineering qualifications is the capability to conceive, design, test, and manufacture products of the highest quality, integrity, and reliability available anywhere. These talents and tools are what differentiate MGS from our competitors. We intend to continually build upon them, maintaining a leadership position in the markets we serve.

Each order that is placed into MGS is assigned a specific order type. Due to the variety of orders received on a daily basis, we are able to practice Product Differentiation and assign each order the most efficient process map within our production system. Whether an order is an engineer-to-order for a new product, a configure-to-order for more commodity type products or standard-products in a set line all are controlled by procedures and work instructions within our Quality Management System.

Following is an extensive list of items we offer to our customers:

  • Ability and experience in partnering with our customers to design their new products
  • Design, test and control changes
  • Engineering Change Notice system and Design Change Request systems initiated for constant product improvements and updates
  • Stress analysis testing and reporting
  • Documentation and Drawing revision control for Class I and Class II changes
  • PTC Intralink CAD data management system used for design change tracking, vaulting, and drawing release levels
  • ERP manufacturing-method and BOM control
  • Date and serial number change effective and control for Work-in-Process
  • Manufacturing Deviation approval and documentation control

Using these tools allows us to produce products for our customers that solve their challenges while providing risk reduction and peace of mind.

Quality System

As a strategic decision, MGS became ISO 9001 Certified because it promotes an approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system, to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting requirements. An advantage of the process approach is the ongoing control that it provides over the linkage between the individual process within the system of processes, as well as over their combination and interaction. When used within a quality management system, such an approach emphasizes the importance of:

  • Understanding and meeting requirements
  • The need to consider processes in terms of added value
  • Obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness
  • Continual improvement of processes based on objective measurement

The primary result of our adoption of this control system has been an increase in customers' confidence and satisfaction.

ERP/Planning System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as an integrated suite of modules that forms the operational and transactional system of record upon which a business is based. Although ERP began as Material Requirements Planning (MRP) it has grown to include financial, customer and sales management along with project, product data, production and planning/scheduling management. ERP is designed to accommodate many manufacturing processes including engineer-to-order (E2O) and configure-to-order (C2O) in job shop, production shop and mixed environments.

At MGS our ERP system provides accurate controls and real-time information enabling our management team to monitor all facets of our business. Up-to-the-minute information is available with which to make informed decisions regarding job planning, production scheduling, raw material and vender supplied component purchasing, product costs. Also monitored and tracked are all steps in the actual manufacturing process and post-delivery activities.

This system is one of the control methods MGS has in place to ensure that our customers get what they want, when they want it.