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You will like what we leave behind

MAXEY Snow Groomers, originally designed and manufactured by Maxey Manufacturing, has had some of the industry's most revolutionary designs in snowmobile trail groomers for over 40 years. The MWE line of MAXEY Generation II Snowmobile Trail Groomers was developed to be a design platform that will compliment any over snow vehicle used in grooming. This line of Groomers incorporates input from Grooming Professionals from all across North America.

We have invested time and resources into making the critical groomer components, the hitch, body, pan and wheel kit, the most structurally sound.

The Hitch

The "MWE" Groomer incorporates an Anti-Scalp hitch linkage that can be pinned in place. Pinning in place allows for the operator to easily unhook from the over snow vehicle towing the Groomer. In late season conditions the double acting hydraulic cylinders can be used to "pull" the groomers front blades deep into a mogul in the trail. The "MWE" Groomer comes with a breakaway lunette eye. The length of the hitch will need to be specified to complement the attributes of the vehicle used to pull the MAXEY grooming implement.

MGS Incorporated - Snow Groomer Hitch

The Body

The body of the "MWE" Groomer comes in 4, 6, 8 and 12 blade configurations. The length of the groomer body can be selected to complement the Over Snow Vehicle for the terrain and snow-type which the groomer will be used. The combination of blades and blade orientation can then be selected to provide the optimum cutting capability and weight of the groomer for your trail and snow conditions. MAXEY has incorporated a blade linkage design that will allow for 6" or 8" concave blade configurations. The 8" blades will allow for two wear surfaces reducing replacement costs. New to MAXEY groomers this season is a 6" tall side rail with lighter longitudinal members to reduce weight and snow carry capability for programs that want maximum cutting at a lower tare weight.

MGS Incorporated - Snow Groomer Body

The Pan

The "MWE" Series of Groomers comes with your choice of a fixed or pivoting pan. The fixed pan design will offer a wide variety of snow conditions to flow under the pan. The more popular pivoting pan is the choice of grooming professionals in all geographic locations in North America. This unique pivoting pan design will allow the operator unsurpassed flexibility in operating the groomer. The "MWE" incorporates a strong pan design and easy to adjust stabilizing fins. The pivoting pan also offers exceptional ease of backing the groomer.

MGS Incorporated - Snow Groomer Pan MGS Incorporated - Snow Groomer Pan

The Wheel Kit

The wheel kit on the MAXEY Generation II Groomers utilizes a twin cylinder and torsion axle configuration. This combination eliminates twisting and provides a safe, stable combination while traveling down roads.

Quality starts with the design and is complemented by the components that we select in manufacturing our MAXEY groomers. Examples of the quality items that matter to you include:

  • A/R 400 Abrasion Resistant Steel on all wear surfaces for long life
  • Dual Prince 3000 PSI Hydraulic Cylinders with a 3 year warranty on all circuits. Spreads stress, slows down cylinder movement and operating speeds, and long life in the cold environment
  • 4000 PSI rated hose, 3/8” standard size for long life and easy flow
  • JIC and O-Ring Fittings to prevent hose leaks and drips
  • Epoxy Primers for corrosion resistance
  • High Solids PPG Polyurethane Paint for a durable high gloss finish
  • Reflective markings on the entire length and width of the groomer so you can be seen at night

Please contact us for your particular needs. "You will like what we leave behind".

MGS Incorporated - Snow Groomer Wheel Kit