Chris Steinman Receives NATM Award

Chris Steinman Receives 2019 NATM Outstanding Member Award


The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) named Chris Steinman, MGS Incorporated, the recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Member Award. The Outstanding Member award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to NATM and the trailer manufacturing industry.
Chris’ career began more than 25 years ago at Marathon Equipment Company. His work included trailers, but also truck bodies, containers, and compactors. In 1996, he joined MGS Incorporated in Denver, Penn. as Engineering Manager. Tasked with custom designs and aggressive design cycles, Chris regularly applied international, federal, state, and local standards, regulations and codes. He also designed, implemented, and maintained a CAD system using a combination of engineering software.
In 2000, Chris was promoted to Vice President of Engineering and Information Systems for MGS Incorporated. In this role he directs all engineering activities for the company, serves on the Senior Management Team and Quality Team helping to create and implement a number of programs and metrics to ensure the company continues to adhere to rigorous standards of competency and quality. But his work in the trailer industry has extended beyond MGS’s facility.
In 2011, Chris joined the NATM Board of Directors, and he recently concluded his tenure in February of 2019. During that time, he chaired the NATM Technical Committee multiple times and later served as a member of the same committee. His thoughtful approach, strict adherence to the mission of trailer safety, and strong understanding of federal regulations and engineering practices made him an invaluable member of both his committee and the Board. Chris could always be counted on for a straightforward opinion. He wasn’t quick to make decisions, taking in all facts and opinions and asking thoughtful questions that showed his concern not only for the short term result, but also long term impact.
His technical expertise was also guided by his strong grasp of business administration. His years of managing, directing, and serving on senior level teams was evident. The marriage of technical and business acumen made Chris an incredible contributor to NATM and its projects. NATM is better for the many contributions he made.

Kevin Cummins Completes First Full Marathon

Kevin and his Wife D’Ann participated in a full marathon along with D’Ann’s sister Dawn Gartrell. This event Started out at about 6,000ft in the Poudre Canyon and ended in Old Town Fort Collins. This event was also a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon. In order to participate, you must first qualify by completing a Boston-qualifying marathon under a certain amount of time. The Colorado Marathon is one of the best marathons to qualify for the Boston Marathon because of the downhill course. The gradual decline in elevation gives runners a fast advantage that not many other Boston qualifier races provide. In fact, each year the Colorado Marathon qualifies 16-18 percent of all participants.

Just so we are clear…… a marathon is defined as: A long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km).

Although Kevin’s wife D’Ann has run in one other marathon, this was the first for Kevin and Dawn

All three finished very well with no issues. This is a great achievement and we hope you will join us in congratulating Kevin for completing this event!


ISO9001 Recertification

03/13/2019.  MGS Incorporated has successfully completed it’s 2019 ISO9001_2015 Surveillance Audit conducted by NQA, a global certification body. The 2015 iteration of the ISO Standard was released with some relatively impactful additions. Addressing Risk and understanding the Context of the Organization are two critical inclusions we were well prepared to address…in fact, we were ahead of the curve.  We have been addressing risk at the company wide level, though our Goal and Project Management systems, since 2001 and, formally, at the product level since 2013.  A very real understanding of our Context has led many associates to BOD and associate positions within many organizations, both industrial and civic. Understanding that a catastrophe to MGS can affect those we impact, we have adopted a documented Business Continuity System to help ensure we can continue to meet the needs and expectations of our Interested Parties.

We are very grateful for this affirmation of our Management System, our Processes, our People and our Products. 



MGS completes custom 40,000lb reel trailers

MGS was contacted  to create two custom reel trailers capable of carrying 2-20,000lb. reels. These reels are 96″ Ø x 68″ wide fitted with 2156 MCM cable.

The platform for the project was a 60,000lb. GVWR 5th wheel drop deck with rear push bumper, non-skid deck plates,  and air brakes. This trailer can also double as a cargo carrier with the reel stands removed

The two reel stands are capable of being powered by two different hydraulic sources. One power unit is capable of powering the reel in both directions along with providing dynamic, hydraulic braking. The other system is capable of powering  the reel in both directions but requires a stand alone manually articulated pneumatic braking system. Both of the reel stands have the ability to be positioned either parallel or perpendicular to the frame rails. The reel stands also can function if moved to the ground. The trailer also features a large fairlead and adjustable lifting bale.

The resulting designs included new detachable reel stand locking mechanism, new manually adjustable hydraulic braking system and multi position operator station for each reel stand.

Many thanks to the MGS team for another job well done!

Eby Aluminum Equipment Trailers

The UFS Division is happy to announce the addition of Eby aluminum equipment trailers to our list of solutions for your transportation needs. The Eby line covers 10K GVWR to 25K bumper pull and gooseneck with a full list of options. Deck over, drop deck and car trailers are available. Aluminum construction provides many benefits including; weight reduction and corrosion resistance. Contact your Salesperson for more information.