MGS Designs, Develops and Tests 4-Wheeled Steerable Running Gear

MGS Incorporated, manufacturer of custom trailers and fuel tanks, has successfully designed and developed a 4-wheeled steerable running gear.

MGS engineers, along with a development team, took concept and turned it into a functional product producing 4-wheeled steerable running gear that can be used with aerospace ground support equipment.

The design, development and testing of the MGS running gear was modeled according to the SAE AS8090 outline. Although the testing was similar to AS8090, not all the modules were needed for the design MGS was asked to supply to our customer. The following are some tests that the running gear completed successfully: 

  • Braking and avoidances with only trailer weight on running gear of approximately 2,700 lbs speeds of (25 – 45 MPH)
  • Braking and avoidances with capacity of weight on running gear to be approximately 10,200 lbs (25 – 40 MPH)
  • Regular asphalt test track driving (30 – 45 MPH)
  • Endurance (durability) test track driving (12 – 20 MPH)
  • Full turn circumference
  • Front axle drag test
  • Park brake holding ability (approximately 15% incline)
  • Extensive pre and post test examinations


Seven full days of testing were completed at the Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute (LTI) Test Track. LTI is a research center at Penn State University, in State College, PA.

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