MGS Completes Hybrid Steel/Plastic Pipe Fusion Trailer

Avista Utilities Approached MGS  in hopes of modifying our existing PHD95 Plastic pipe trailer to carry both steel and plastic gas pipe. The PhD95 is used for the transportation and installation of 2″-8″ plastic PE pipe. It is capable of dispensing 40′ sections of pipe from the cargo bed to the fuser carrier and is fitted with a McElroy 28 fusion machine. The fuser is mounted at waist level which results in increased efficiency through lower fusion times and reduced operator injury. The PhD95 can be used for trenching or boring operations. The trailer’s on board power supply powers the fuser, cutter and iron. There are also 120V outlets for use at the site.

Modifications included:

  • Increasing the capacity of the outfitted trailer to 10,000lbs.
  • Allowing for the transport of 2″ steel pipe.
  • Extending the bed to 46′ to allow for a stick length to 45′.
  • The addition of a Lincoln Ranger 305D welder generator on a slide out. The welder/generator supplies power to the fusion machine and allows for the welding of 2″ steel pipe.
  • The addition of a hydraulic pipe assist (helps to lower the steel pipe onto the transport rollers).
  • Modification of rear pipe support to eliminate the “pipe buggy”.
  • The addition of a hydraulically adjustable goose-neck.
  • The addition of twin electric leveling jacks.
  • The addition of multiple storage compartments.
  • Bed liner coating for pipe storage and dispensing areas

This was a large project and the MGS team met the challenge!



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