MGS completes custom 40,000lb reel trailers

MGS was contacted  to create two custom reel trailers capable of carrying 2-20,000lb. reels. These reels are 96″ Ø x 68″ wide fitted with 2156 MCM cable.

The platform for the project was a 60,000lb. GVWR 5th wheel drop deck with rear push bumper, non-skid deck plates,  and air brakes. This trailer can also double as a cargo carrier with the reel stands removed

The two reel stands are capable of being powered by two different hydraulic sources. One power unit is capable of powering the reel in both directions along with providing dynamic, hydraulic braking. The other system is capable of powering  the reel in both directions but requires a stand alone manually articulated pneumatic braking system. Both of the reel stands have the ability to be positioned either parallel or perpendicular to the frame rails. The reel stands also can function if moved to the ground. The trailer also features a large fairlead and adjustable lifting bale.

The resulting designs included new detachable reel stand locking mechanism, new manually adjustable hydraulic braking system and multi position operator station for each reel stand.

Many thanks to the MGS team for another job well done!

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