CCRX a Huge Success at the 2013 ICUEE Show

The new MGS cable control system showcased at the 2013 ICUEE show and was the center of interest at our display. Cory McQuate, MGS Public Utility Division Manager, stated, “Our current and potential customers were impressed with the flexibility and control afforded by this new system. When you take into account the financial savings of our modular design and the security of total performance documentation, this new package offers what both line crews and fleet professionals have been searching for.”

When asked about the outcome of the ICUEE show, our Public Utilities Sales representative Scott Shelley was very pleased overall with the show, saying, “This year’s ICUEE Show was our best to date with a great deal of traffic and exposure. There was a great deal of interest in our trailers and in MGS Incorporated”.

Building on this positive feedback, we are excited to offer the CCrx cable control system to current and future customers. Stay tuned as we upgrade our website with a CCrx page to help you choose your cable control prescription online!

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