ISO9001 Recertification

03/13/2019.  MGS Incorporated has successfully completed it’s 2019 ISO9001_2015 Surveillance Audit conducted by NQA, a global certification body. The 2015 iteration of the ISO Standard was released with some relatively impactful additions. Addressing Risk and understanding the Context of the Organization are two critical inclusions we were well prepared to address…in fact, we were ahead of the curve.  We have been addressing risk at the company wide level, though our Goal and Project Management systems, since 2001 and, formally, at the product level since 2013.  A very real understanding of our Context has led many associates to BOD and associate positions within many organizations, both industrial and civic. Understanding that a catastrophe to MGS can affect those we impact, we have adopted a documented Business Continuity System to help ensure we can continue to meet the needs and expectations of our Interested Parties.

We are very grateful for this affirmation of our Management System, our Processes, our People and our Products. 



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