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Utility Fleet Solutions

MGS provides specific solutions for the public utility industry, offering a full line of standard products for the various needs of our customers. Our newest line; configure to order products, have been designed for on line quoting and order fulfillment featuring shorter lead times and lower prices. For those looking for customized product, our custom product lines are designed to satisfy your specific work practices and lifecycle requirements. We offer full product development methodology which includes design consultation, development, prototyping, production inspections, logistics, on-site training and full documentation.

Utility Fleet Solutions: At A Glance

Regardless if you need an “off the shelf” product or a one-off customized solution, our core strength lies in identifying your product needs and creating a specific solution. Our engineering and project management systems are designed to develop, evaluate, share and test concepts before any steel is cut. These systems are augmented by our ISO9001 certified quality management system to ensure that what you asked for is what you receive. We can assist in final client delivery with our turn-key delivery options including off site inspection, company logo and unit number installations along with licensing and product manuals. After your product is delivered, your MGS team is available for on-site training assuring that your operators learn how to safely use our products.

What You Can Expect

As a leader in providing transportation solutions to the public utility industry, we understand our customers' unique customization and lifecycle needs. We are prepared with standard products that are built to last. If you are unable to find a product that meets your specific requirements, then our product development team will work with you to assess your needs. Our goal is to produce a trailer solution that meets your exact requirements while stressing optimal performance, safety and lifecycle expectations. Not only are our products safe and reliable but they are durable 'tools' that work hard every day in the field.

As a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM), MGS is dedicated to improving trailer safety and performance. At MGS, no detail is too small. From providing guidance on state-by-state DOT regulations to arranging safe, undamaged delivery of the final product to your location, MGS is committed to building an exceptional trailer product that is custom-designed to meet all your requirements.

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