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Tank Trailer

UL-142 Base Tank options

Enclosure Type:

Tank Type Required:
Mount & Plumb:
Stub Up:
Spill Containment: 7 Gallon
Optional Switches:
Paint Color:

Other Options:
Optional Heater: 

Trailer options

Enclosure Type:

Deck Type:

*Please indicate in the comments section quantities needed for wheel chocks, stabilizer jacks, cable post, and tie down rings.
**Please indicate in the comments section approximate box size required.


Fuel Tank: Tanks do not fit all trailer models — see trailer model specifications for tank sizes.
Plumbing fittings are located according to your generator.
Single Wall: Low Level Switch
25 40 50 80 100 130 150 175 180 225 250 275 325
Double Wall:
Low Level Switch Leak Detection Switch
25 40 50 80 100 130 150 175 200 250 300
MGS to Mount & Plumb: Yes No
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