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OEM Products Division

What You Can Expect

Our OEM Division provides solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers in industries such as fire-fighting, power washing, air compressors, back-up power and many more. Through our regional manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Colorado, we are able to supply standardized products across the country while simultaneously reducing shipping costs.

In the MGS OEM Division we work with our customers every step of the way to create an innovative solution to mobilize their products. The process starts with a conversation to fully explore their needs and requirements. The next step is the development of concepts and drawings along with building, testing and approval of a prototype. Each project continues through production and is completed with customized product manuals. All of these steps help ensure that our customers are receiving products that will be safe for their customers, thus reducing their liability risk.

Our OEM customers rest easy knowing that MGS operates as a transparent partner in the manufacturing process. Long-time alliances are what make both partners successful. This can only be achieved with a complete confidentiality assurance that all proprietary information will always be contained within our files and never shared with others.

Remember, if you are in need of a manufacturing partner that understands standardized product lines, risk mitigation and regional manufacturing, contact the MGS OEM Division.

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