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OEM Products Case Studies

Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation

Our customer had a project to rehabilitate 35 miles of sewer pipeline. The project turned into a 79 mile emergency repair/replace project because the infrastructure was more compromised than originally anticipated.

The order came in from our customer to build 75 sound attenuated enclosures with integrated fuel tanks all to be delivered within 90 days from order date. We received the call to order in July and we had all of the required units delivered to customer in August. This allowed our customer to complete their work to the equipment and meet the required 90 day delivery date.

Our standard production for this type of equipment is approximately 40 units per month, but we almost doubled our production capacity to meet the requirements for our customer.

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Sound Enclosure, Tank and Trailer

A prospect was referred to us by another customer to design and build a sound enclosure, tank and trailer for their generator. The prospect liked MGS's product development methods and they became our customer. We worked with our new customer to build the first unit, going through several changes along the way.

The completed product was ready to ship for customer to install and everything lined up as designed. The successes of the first unit lead to an additional order for multiple units.

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Firefighting Trailers Shipped Overseas

A customer came to use with a need to build twelve firefighting trailers that were to be shipped overseas. Of course the trailers needed to be designed, built and shipped within six weeks. While reviewing the customer's specifications for the trailers brought on a few challenges:

  • Special Paint Requirements
  • Pipe Manifold for mixing the Firefighting chemicals
  • Labels for the pipe manifold in a foreign language
  • Shipping the trailers in a sea container

Of course on top of all challenges above "Time" was the biggest obstacle. With the lead time required by our customer we put extra people on each task to help research each item to ensure we completed the trailers to our customer's specifications.

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