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Military Products Division

MGS Military Products Division builds custom trailers that are used in the protection of the United States of America. Whether the requirement is to move people, equipment or weapons systems, our customers need cost-effective transportation solutions from a company that is committed to confidentiality and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Our customized military and defense solutions always have a strong focus on operator safety in the most demanding environments on Earth.

MGS Capabilities Include:

As a strategic decision, MGS adopted a Quality Management System in 1999 that is certified with ISO9001. We made this decision because this standard promotes a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of a quality management system, to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

Advantages of the Process Approach

By adhering to our systems not only are our products well designed, safe, and reliable, but they are fully documented every step of the way.

Program Management

Every MGS program has an assigned Program Manager (PM) that serves as the customer's primary point of contact. The PM champions communications within the MGS team and with our customer to ensure that the program goals remain at the forefront. The PM also maintains the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and uses Earned Value Management System (EVMS) techniques to identify and correct any deviations in schedule or cost performance. MGS PM's have extensive product knowledge and cross functional capabilities in engineering and management which facilitates proactive management of program risk and the Integrated Product Team (IPT).

Integrated Product Team

MGS resources and any required subcontractor or customer resources are organized into an overall IPT and several sub teams that focus on particular functions within the program. Customers are involved in the IPT's to the extent that they desire to participate and provide input. The IPT approach creates synergy, fosters innovations, and ensures a systems approach to design.

Integrated Master Schedule and Work Breakdown Structure

The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) are two fundamental program planning documents and address all key program milestones and elements including program management, engineering, configuration management, integrated logistics support, quality assurance, delivery, maintenance, and training. These plans, together with the statement of work and the assignment of tasks, provide the baseline management plan for management, fabrication, and delivery of a program.

Earned Value Management System

MGS operates an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) that provides a means of evaluating program progress with performance criteria. Elements of the EVMS are implemented in typical contract deliverables such as the Integrated Master Schedule, the Work Breakdown Structure, and the Contract Performance Report. Other elements of the EVMS are implemented via our ISO compliant processes, our Configuration Management processes, and our ERP system. Contract Funds Status Reports can be prepared at the total contract level as an output from MGS's EVMS.

Program Engineering Capabilities

Program Engineering capabilities include designated program engineers using a selection of tools and resources available at their fingertips. Tools and resources such as CADD, PDM and stress analysis calculating and reporting, prototype design and development experience along with government testing experience.

MGS's Configuration Management Utilizes:

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined as an integrated suite of modules that forms the operational and transactional system of record upon which a business is based. Although ERP began as Material Requirements Planning (MRP) it has grown to include financial, customer and sales management along with project, product data, production and planning/scheduling management. ERP is designed to accommodate many manufacturing processes including engineer-to-order (E2O) and configure-to-order (C2O) in job shop, production shop and mixed environments.

Manufacturing Engineer Department is Responsible for:

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